Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Inner Conversations

Often times we look at what is going on in our lives and wonder, "How did this happen?"  You need to evaluate your Inner Conversations.  What you are saying to yourself about yourself?  Be assured that what you say to yourself about yourself is more important that what anyone else is saying about you!!!!

When someone says you don't qualify to live the dream you have in your heart, chances are you have already told yourself that.  You probably were moving in the direction with a zeal because the idea excited you and you know it would be fun.  It could be the thing that would break you free and catapult you into the lifestyle you have always dreamed you would walk in but your Inner Conversations can be the thing that holds you back. 

Write down the ideas you have for: weight loss, career, relationships or whatever it is you desire.  Then walk away from your list.  After 24 hours, go back to your list and reflect back on what you have thought about and said to yourself concerning each of those things you have written on your paper.  Be honest with yourself about those Inner Conversations.  Did you eat something you shouldn't have eaten and told yourself you weren't ever going to loose the weight?  Did you make a big mistake at work and question your qualifications or ability to get things done?  Are you watching your friends enjoy great relationships and tell yourself you will never have a good relationship or find someone to really love you?  Did you realize your bank account has .78 or less and bill are due?  What was that conversation like? 

See it's not only the things you say to yourself when you are focused on making changes or when you are feeling good about you, it's also what you are telling yourself all throughout the day and night.  What  you're saying when things aren't where you want them to be. Even the times when things are good and you aren't used to them being good.  You can have money in the bank and saying you have to be sure to pay all the bills before you run out of money.  That's lack talking and running out of money is inevitable.  You can be in a really good relationship and say to yourself that the relationship won't last because it's too good to be true.  The relationship is coming to an end...even if you are really happy with the other person.  It's amazing how we get what we pray and work for only to loose it to our Inner Conversations.

When you hear yourself say something contrary to where you're going or what  you desire stop right there.  Speak a word of faith!!  Say something that brings you back to your goal.  Know for certain that your Inner Conversations are the drivers of your life.  Those things you think to yourself that not another soul can hear.  Those thoughts, meditations, and feelings need to be controlled and redirected.  When you don't control those things they will come out of your mouth eventually and there in is your manifestation.

To Change your life Change your Inner Conversations!!

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