Thursday, July 25, 2013

License to Sin

I've heard the statement, "License to Sin" in churches and Christian circles for a long time.  I have wondered on a lot of occasions what is that?  I understand licenses to drive, marry and do business.  The crazy thing is you only really need formal training to get a license to drive.  All the other ones are voluntary and don't come with a lot of instructions.  You get a license to marry but there's no instruction booklet.  You get a license to do business and you are told the laws but for the most part it's a learn as you go kind of thing.  However, I've not known a license that guarantees success in any endeavor.  Which is why driver's licenses are suspended and revoked.  Marriage licenses are debunked by divorce decrees and business licenses have expiration dates and laws to dissolve. 

Sin is absolutely and totally VOLUNTARY!!!  The temptation comes and you decide to do it or not to do it.  What happens is people look for ways to sin and be okay with it.  In the church people are taught to believe that God is sitting in heaven waiting on you to do something wrong so he can throw the PUNISHMENT book at you?  Even with all the "Hell, Fire and Brimstone" Preaching it hasn't stopped people from sinning.  Why because it's a CHOICE.  God gave us the freedom to choose and when people want to do something good or bad they will.  Telling people about the goodness of God and letting them know God has taken care of their sin from the time they accepted Jesus until they meet Him in heaven is not a license to sin.  If anything it's a license to love.  If your child disappoints you do you throw them away forever?  Even if you did God wouldn't!!!

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